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October Newsletter

Medicaid and CHIP Continuous Enrollment Unwinding

In March 2020, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) temporarily waived certain Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) requirements and conditions. The easing of these rules helped prevent people with Medicaid and CHIP from losing their health coverage during the pandemic. However, states will soon be required to restart Medicaid and CHIP eligibility reviews. According to some estimates, when states resume these reviews, up to 15 million people could lose their current Medicaid or CHIP coverage through a process called “unwinding.”

CMS has developed a communications toolkit to help inform people about the steps they need to take to renew their coverage.

Become a Member of the Charlotte AHEC Regional Advisory Committee

Want to help lead the transformation of healthcare education? Apply today for the Regional Advisory Committee to gather trends related to community and regional needs impacting health education.

Application Deadline: October 31, 2022

Panel Management for Advanced Medical Homes in Standard Plans

In response to provider concerns about on-going member assignment and panel management issues for Advanced Medical Homes (AMHs), NC Medicaid is working with the Standard Plans to analyze errors and create easier pathways for providers to reach Standard Plans and resolve panel issues.

  • Standard Plans updated their contact information for providers to contact with panel questions or issues.
  • Standard Plans are working to ensure their member and provider call lines are well equipped to respond to calls related to AMH assignment.
  • Providers can also discuss panel limits with Standard Plans so they understand any panel limits they currently have with the plan based on initial contracting and can update panel limits, as needed. See the Panel Management for Advanced Medical Homes in Standard Plans fact sheet for general information on updating panel limits.

Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) – An Evidence-Based Approach for Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care Settings

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Health Benefits (DHB) has partnered with NC AHEC to provide educational and practice-based support to primary care practices interested in implementing the Collaborative Care Model. This includes coaching on workflows, billing/coding, registry implementation, and continuing education programs.

To learn more and register for education modules and collaborative learning sessions, visit NC AHEC Practice Support.

NC-PAL – North Carolina Behavioral Health Consultation Line

NC-PAL is a free telephone consultation and education program to help health care providers address the behavioral health needs of their patients.

Behavioral Health Consultants can respond to questions about behavioral health and local resources, and can connect providers to an on-call psychiatrists to assist with diagnostic clarification and medication management questions.

You can learn more here. Additionally, you can enroll to have access to patient–level consultations. .

2021 Targeted Review Available Until October 21, 2022

The last day to submit a targeted review request is Friday, October 21, 2022, at 8 PM ET. You should only submit a targeted review request if you believe an error has been made with your MIPS performance feedback and payment adjustment for the 2021 performance year. Sign in to review your feedback or to submit a targeted review.

Review the 2021 MIPS Performance Feedback FAQs (PDF) and the 2021 Targeted Review User Guide (PDF) for more information on performance feedback and targeted review. Review the 2021 Traditional MIPS Scoring Guide (PDF) for more information about scoring policies in the 2021 performance year. Watch the 2021 Targeted Review Application demo if you need assistance submitting a targeted review.

Rural Health Nursing Conference: 5th Annual Statewide Celebration

The conference is designed for nurses serving vulnerable populations in underserved and rural areas. A variety of topics will be offered to include innovative strategies to increase access to care in rural communities and health and safety issues affecting agricultural populations. In addition, nurses will be given the opportunity to learn about and apply the Rural Health Framework, an evidence-based approach to assessing, planning, and implementing health interventions for rural populations.

The online conference will be held Friday, November 4th from 8 AM – 1 PM and offers CEU’s and contact hours.

Register online to reserve your spot!

Charlotte AHEC Practice Support – Helping you meet the challenges!

In this time of great transition in health care practices need to position themselves for new payment models, incentive programs, and other health care reforms while refocusing on patient-centered care. Charlotte AHEC is currently able to provide these direct, individualized services at no cost.

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